Mathatar School Edition

We are developing Mathatar, an educational computer game that delivers an exciting and engaging learning experience by taking players on a quest to discover the history of Maths which is really the history of mankind, but also teaches the player Maths, from Key Stage 2 up to grade 9 of GCSE Maths.

Mathatar School Edition is equipped with administration tools, which can be used to track and monitor pupil progress. The School edition will be for use in schools, to enhance pupils Maths learning.

The adventure starts in early 2018!


The Mathematical adventure game covering the latest UK National Curriculum for Maths, covering Key Stage 2 through to Grade 9 GCSE

Making Maths Fun

The Mathematical time-travelling adventure game, covering the latest UK National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to Grade 9 GCSE standard.

Maths is about to become easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

"The Universal Principles of Maths have been stolen! The world is in flux. It’s down to you, the last Mathlete to save the day."

Pupils can work together!

Mathatar is the fun, engaging and effective way to learn and revise Maths. It is an immersive, exciting and captivating educational game. Players ( Mathletes/Pupils) embark on a time-travelling adventure, taking in all the important Mathematical eras from history. It is up to Mathletes to ‘rediscover the lost Maths’ and rescue the Mathematicians, to save the world!

Dozens of time zones to explore, an adventure covering over 50,000 years, history beckons. All while learning the necessary Maths from the UK National Curriculum. Are you ready to make Maths fun once and for all?

The Maths
Powered by

MATHATAR is powered by eMathsMaster. The game includes over 369 professionally narrated and animated Maths Lesson films, followed by thousands of competency-based assessments and Maths Questions. It delivers, step-by-step, real-world Shanghai Maths Mastery for the UK National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to Grade 9 GCSE.

All Math learning material has been created by teacher trainers at our partner school, The Dean Trust. Lesson films and assessments interlink with the game and cover each step of the Maths curriculum working through 6 Maths topics.

Our Maths demonstrates real-life Shanghai Mastery. For more information about eMathsMaster and our Teacher Training programme visit

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Mathatar School Edition, Coming soon 2018