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Mathatar - a glorious, fun, immersive & exciting online 3D Maths adventure game, teaching UK National curriculum for KS2 to GCSE

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We are developing Mathatar, an educational computer game that delivers an exciting and engaging learning experience by taking players on a quest to discover not only the history of Maths (which is really the history of mankind), but also teaches the player Maths from Key Stage 2 up to and including Key Stage 4 GCSE

The game itself will launch (Estimated Autumn 2017) as soon as it's finished!

The lessons within are polished, professional animated films with assessments and supplementary maths questions to enable subject mastery. We will be giving access to sample lessons very soon to all backers.

Players who are lacking confidence in the subject of Maths have the opportunity to revisit subjects where confidence may be limited and get a thorough understanding of the subject.

The lessons are accredited and have been developed by the Heads Of Maths at a highly regarded Academic Trust. All learning materials and assessments are related to the current UK national Maths curriculum and follow the effective ‘Shanghai Method’ of mastery. Feedback from players has been hugely positive and many parents have found the game reduces or even negates the need for expensive private Maths tuition.

Every player starts at Key Stage 2 maths standard, which gives students studying at a higher level the opportunity to revisit earlier ideas with the likelihood that this will ‘fill in any cracks’ in the player’s mathematical knowledge and understanding.

Additional game features include badges, achievements, social media interactions, mini games, historical context to enable deeper understanding / mastery, revision areas, full support (with Teachers on hand to help if required) and an incentive programme that drives players to achieve high scores in return for rewards. 

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