Time-travel through dozens of time zones in an adventure of exploration, covering over 50,000 years. Find, save and learn about the famous mathematicians who created Maths! History beckons.

Make Maths Easy

MATHATAR makes Maths easy, fun & exciting by connecting Mathletes to the history, stories & foundations of Maths as a whole, taking you beyond the textbook and in to an adventure…


MATHATAR is powered by eMathsMaster. The game includes over 369 professionally narrated and animated Maths Lesson films, followed by thousands of competency based assessment and Maths Questions. It delivers, step by step, real world Shanghai Maths Mastery for the UK National curriculum from Key Stage 2 up to Grade 9 GCSE.

All Maths learning material has been created by teacher trainers at our partner school, The Dean Trust. Lesson films and assessments inter-link with the game and cover each step of the Maths curriculum covering the 6 Maths topics:

  1. Number
  2. Probability Geometry & Measures
  3. Algebra
  4. Statistics
  5. Ratio
  6. Proportion & Rates of Change

Our Maths demonstrates real-life Shanghai Mastery. For more information about eMathsMaster and our Teacher Training programme visit: